After years working in a exclusive technology tottally different from what we see in the market, present ´´Techno Drive´´. A board super lighter, faster and with a incredible response in the radical maneuvers. The positition of the carbon bands gives us a board loose in the nose and tail, this provides a special flex for surfing in small waves conditions where you need make your maneuvers in short distance, recommended for knee to head high waves.

Available with the models: Village Bicycle, Supernova, Prototype and The Origin.


It’s a technology designed exclusive to generate an incredible speed flex-spring and really good sensibility on your turns. The carbon strips are located above a PVC 3mm stringer to create all this sensations in your surfing, increase your impulse speed before your turns with really good projection to your next maneuver, recommended for chest to over head waves.

Available with the models: Flash Ripper, Village Bicycle, Electric Eel and The Slats.